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About Us

Asia is a labyrinth of amazing stories. As locals, we want to tell the world about Asia, its people, their aspirations and the unique brands of businesses, companies and organisations they create. Heritage, technology, diversity – the aspects that make Asia so interesting today are also the very things driving our success since 2001.



Born and bred in one of Asia’s richest, most diverse UNESCO heritage sites, Image Farm has the innate ability to find the heart of a story… be it a documentary film or a brand video. Through social documentaries and narrative films, Image Farm constantly seeks to establish itself as a storyteller of Asia. Among our recent work is ‘The Untold Truth About SuperMokh’, a documentary for the National Geographic Channel which won numerous awards for Best Director, Best History Documentary and Silver for Best Overall Documentary.



Image Farm has always believed in filmmaking technology. Only with high-end equipment can we tell your story in beautiful detail. We were the among the first to invest in digital video production and production training for staff. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and people-smart technology. On the other end of the spectrum from our heritage shoot locations is our strategic location near Penang’s Cybercity. Here, we are well-positioned and technologically-equipped to serve the new ‘Silicon Valley of the East’, and the rest of the world.



From day one, the expertise that our first team members brought from different backgrounds became our true asset. It meant that we had a wealth of knowledge to serve clients from the point of conceptualisation right through to the delivery of the final product. Till this day, every new team member adds value to Image Farm – sharing and learning from each other as individuals on the same level. Our clientele is just as diverse. They include local brands and government bodies, multinational companies as well as local and international SMEs and SMIs. Among them are AMD, Agilent, Astro, Intel, investPenang, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, NEC, Nikko, Osram, SanDisk, Johnson & Johnson, IJM, Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, University of Science Malaysia, York and more.


Image Farm-Team 001-Portrait_Keng Hong

Tang Keng Hong
Founder / Film Director
I approach each new project with all eyes and ears – because finding the story is crucial, and extremely rewarding. From there, my mind moves to equipment. Today’s state-of-the-art equipment can capture and translate a story into a convincing, compelling piece of film. I consider myself a technologist in film lighting and techniques, but I believe film is also about psychology. Each scene must come alive and connect with the audience. And more often than not, it’s a beautiful yet unexpected detail that ‘creates the moment’.

Image Farm-Team 002-Portrait_Shun Ming

Shun Ming
Executive Producer
I didn’t look for film, it found me – through the poignant images of people and the music I create for them. Until today, it’s the images that drive me to edit powerful scores for the films we make. Perhaps having the scoring seat gives me a clear view of the desired end-result. When everyone is deeply focussed crafting their individual tasks, I see the big picture, and I drive them towards perfection.

Image Farm-Team 003-Portrait_Siang Ching

Siang Ching
Producer / Film Director
Energetic, resourceful, intuitive. My passion for storytelling has existed for as long as I can remember – first, through journalism and script-writing, then producing and broadcasting. Some say my energy belies my age, but I tell them it’s all from my young daughter. Each day she shows me how a child sees the world. To her, every path is a precious adventure and there’s little reason to hold back. For me, daring forward also means getting past the haze of messages to the very heart of a story.

Image Farm-Team 004-Portrait_Lin Kang

Wong Lin Kang


Attention to detail and adequate planning go a long way in paving the path to eventual success. This work ethic is the foundation for the way we work. Fluidity and harmony are essential to delivering an end-product that both the corporate client and we can be proud of. Taking each client through a step-by-step project guide ensures a smooth production process, without interrupting the normal operation of your corporation. Contrary to popular belief, video production is not a one-man show. Enlightening our client on our method of working helps us as well the client to better accomplish our desired results. Please contact us for a meeting in order for us to know your requirements better.



In this stage, we will assist you with scripting, planning, researching client background/needs, and plotting and defining project guidelines. After revisions are made and proper planning is done, field production will be scheduled.

Field Production

Field production

A team of professional videographer and crew members will be assigned to the field for video shooting, covering directing, lighting and audio.



Video footages are edited in a fully professional facility. The design team will ensure the whole story and message is in consistence with the artistic and aesthetic effect set forth. Motion graphic, text, and audio will be incorporated in the whole presentation.

Please contact us for a meeting in order for us to know your requirements better.

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